Tiramisu Maple Pumpkin Lickity

Pile Princess Birthday


A Perfect Sweet original; Lickity is a handmade marshmallow stuffed peanut butter flavored shell with crunchy toffee and a chocolate drizzle on top!

Red Velvet & Butter Toffee Almond

Red Velvet and butter toffee almond macarons make a festive treat!

Macaron 12 pack

12 pack of macarons with combined classics and specialties

Macaron classic rainbow

Table display -- rainbow of macarons!

24 pack macarons

Large variety pack of 24 macarons

Cookies 'n' Créme

"Cookie monster" blue macarons with a cookies 'n' créme filling and chocolate cookie crumbs on top!

2 20 packs of macs

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