Rhode Island native, Tracy Woodard

I grew up in Barrington, RI, as did my parents and grandparents before me.  I tell people often that my children are "fifth generation" in Barrington, as my great grandmother on my mother's side moved to Barrington upon "coming off the boat."  Being of Italian heritage on my mother's side, baking and cooking are part of my DNA.  Bringing joy through food is a trait I developed before I even knew I was developing it!  On the other side, my father always taught me loyalty and integrity and to "give the business to the locals" and I've carried that value with me my entire life.  I'm proud to produce and sell my macarons in Rhode Island!

My Therapy...

I'm Tracy.  I'm a RI Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist...and baker!  I have been the owner of RI Marriage & Family Therapy Ctr. since 2002.  I love my work and I am proud to say that I have helped many individuals and couples over the years through some tough times.  

I teach my clients and my family that you have to do things for yourself, too, though.  And, one of the things I do that is truly a form of therapy for me is baking!

So, recently, I decided to incorporate the business of baking, most specifically macarons (although I bake a lot of other things, as well) into my life.

I love everything about macarons!  They are colorful and pretty.  Their texture combines a delicate shell with a moist chewy and flavorful center.  They fulfill a sweet craving when you want "just one" (or two or three...), but they also make a beautiful gift, a perfect dessert for any occasion, which can be customized with color and flavor!

I hope that you enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy creating them!

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